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This is it. I’m finally putting my master plan (?) into action. I’m painting and redecorating our great-room. Just in time for Christmas. I have an air-tight plan (?) so it really shouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. All that’s required is the doing. The first and most intense step is the painting. Currently, the walls are deep cranberry (not my idea); they will be painted Benjamin Moore OC-129 Alabaster. (That’s white for the uninitiated). According to my plan (?), this should be accomplished before Carl gets home on Friday. Here’s how it breaks down.

Day 1 (Monday): Today’s task is to disassemble the room configuration, pull down the dishes from the open shelving in the kitchen area, take down and stow all the pictures, remove the blinds and clean the windows and cover everything with plastic. This afternoon, I’ll be picking up the paint that hubby has ordered. If I have time, I’ll do a finish removal test on the (horribly dated) buffet and china cabinet.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Paint the dreaded ceiling. It is currently the color of an aged penny. Carl assures me that this step will be dreadful. Upon completion, I shall take a hot epsom salt bath and smear myself with Ben-Gay while I finish knitting the front of the Timberline sweater.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Paint the walls and wainscot. Since the wainscot is bead-board and quite old, I anticipate that quite a bit of caulking will be required. I figure I can get the first coat on, caulk the bead-board, then get the second coat on the upper walls. Mumsie has graciously agreed to help on this day so I’m hoping to get her busy with the furniture, either painting or stripping depending on the tests.

Day 4 (Thursday, if still alive): Second coat on the wainscot. Complete furniture.

Day 5 (Friday): Reset/reconfigure the room areas. We’ve decided to relocate the dining room since the new sealed fireplace is in (YAY!). I’ll need Carl’s help on the weekend to move some of the heavier pieces into place.

Now it’s public. I must not fail.