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Caspian by Knit Picks

rosehaven-headerMy LYS is under new management! Yes! Though Rose Haven has always been the best yarn store within 100 miles (I know, I’ve checked), it was always a little tricky shopping there under the old ownership. The new owner, Leslie, is simply wonderful and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better ‘knitting hostess’! She’s bright, youthful and brimming over with enthusiasm and new ideas. She’s given the shop a colorful facelift and organized knit nights and other events, including knitting classes (taught by YOURS TRULY!). Now, how ’bout that!


The former owner was more a spinner than a knitter so naturally, the tool room was the shop’s weak spot. It’s no secret, if you know me, that I’m a bit of a needle snob. Now, I have nothing against Chia-Goo or bamboo needles in general but honestly, they are never my first choice. At the risk of giving offense, they fall into the category of ‘disposable emergency needles’. I find that, though inexpensive, they have a lot of drag and tend to bend, particularly the smaller sizes. So, while Leslie and I had our heads together the other day, we started talkin’ tools!

Knitter's Pride NovasI like fast needles. I like nice, sharp points and slick surfaces. For the longest, I was a huge proponent of the Addi Lace and Turbo lines, in spite of the cost. I still love Addi’s, but in a moment of desperation last year, bought a circular needle by Knitter’s Pride. They’ve eclipsed Addi for me! I find the cables are much more supple and less likely to Knitter's Pride Karbonzcurl. Plus, Knitter’s Pride has developed all kinds of sophisticated new needles, such as Cubics and Karbonz. I’m finding the Cubics great for sock knitting because, due to their square shape, they don’t develop that annoying ‘bow’. Did you know that Novas, their nickel plated needle, is now available as a cubic? Oh yes! Can’t wait to test-drive those babies! And I’ve been dying to try the Karbonz which have a carbon fibre shaft with a nickel-plated tip.

A couple of months ago, while ordering yarn from my beloved KnitPicks, they sent me a free trial pair of their interchangeable circulars. That’s the best deal going as far as interchangeable needles go, and what a handy thing to have around, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere as I do. The surface is pretty fast, too, though not quite so much as the Novas.

Glass Needles on Etsy

Then there’s the ‘gift needles’. These are the beautiful, hand crafted needles that non-knitters buy for knitters, but knitters almost never buy for themselves. I don’t know that I’d knit with these, but I sure wouldn’t complain about having them around! I think I’d be inclined to put them in my hair!

Here’s something interesting. It is no longer verboten to take your knitting (including the needles) on domestic flights! Here’s a nifty article on how to prep your needles and knitting for travel.


You’re welcome!

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