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BIN Dog Jackets

Pups need pressies too! I whipped these up last week for donation to Bullies in Need. They’re to be auctioned to raise money for veterinary, travel and food costs for rescued dogs of the Bully persuasion. Teddy thinks his is cool; he’s the sort of dog who likes to wear warm things. They’re made of rugged cotton and feature soft, doggie-printed fleece lining, a poop-bag dispenser pocket and a collar opening that permits a leash or training collar. They’re fitted up with reflective tape and are sized specifically for the massive chest and neck of the bully breeds. They’re also machine washable. I made one in red, one in purple and Teddy’s prototype in pale blue.

I’m very proud to be a small part of Bullies in Need, a rescue organization focused on the under-appreciated Bully breeds like Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terriers. Here in Ontario where we still labor under draconian breed specific legislation, these dogs  would be legally euthanized if it were not for dedicated people like those at BIN. These good people haunt animal shelters and the city-run Animal Services holding areas. When these banned animals are apprehended, often abused and injured, BIN scoops them up. They provide medical care and reach out to find foster homes and adoptive families. They make travel arrangements to have the animals flown to other areas not under breed bans.

Doggie Porn

Teddy would not be with us today without their unceasing dedication. I saw his picture on line about a year ago, all homeless and lost looking, and fell in love. Because of his unusually long legs and dark muzzle, he was able to masquerade as a mastiff cross and luckily, remain in Ontario for adoption. The BIN adoption process was very thorough. We had to apply and provide references before we were given an interview. After that, a home visit. Finally, we were allowed to have Teddy (then called ‘Harlem’) for a two-week probationary period. The rest is history…80 pounds and counting :) We’re a responsible Bully family; we believe in proper training and socialization and we believe that Teddy is a true credit to his wonderful, loyal and loving breed.

If you are interested in making these jackets for donation to a rescue organization in your area, feel free to message me for the pattern. I’d be delighted to provide it.