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The Penny Paper Co.

OH! So much ‘pretty’ from The Penny Paper Company!! When sister Tracey visited back in September, we chatted a little about gift wrapping. Paper RosesI’m kind of funny about it. In fact, I’m something of a family joke, given my penchant for ironing and reusing pretty tissue paper:) This is only mildly surprising; I have always loved packaging of all kinds, especially if it involves very pretty paper. Here’s a lovely link to a tutorial on making precious newspaper roses.

With a little  luck and some planning, Christmas gifts are wrapped and laying under the tree for a couple of weeks before they’re opened. In my mind, this makes them a pretty important part of one’s Christmas decor, certainly too important to default to those pre-packaged bundles of gift wrap you find at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I like to choose a different theme color each Christmas, just to keep it fresh and special, and I try to dream up  a co-ordinating system for wrapping the gifts. Aren’t these some clever ideas from Anyone Can Decorate.

The handmade element of gift-giving has alway figured prominently at Christmastime, so I tend toward the natural, hand crafted look. This year is particularly important because next week, I will realize a dream I’ve held for a couple of years. Next week, I will PAINT OUR GREAT ROOM. It will cease to be Man-Cave Red. It will be white. Mail-Order-Bride-White. Swear to God. Now, picture that with craft paper and herringbone ribbon!

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