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Tool Box

Yarn Guide from KnitPicksI don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s comin’ on Christmas. That, combined with my perennial tool-lust, tells me that I ought to write about some nifty gadgets I’ve been ogling online. (A clever reader might discreetly leave this page glowing on the laptop where Santa might ‘accidentally’ see it.)

Escali Digital Scale

Partly because I’m a sock knitter (and partly because I’m always worried about running out of yarn), I won’t feel that my tool cache will be complete without a scale. I read a couple of very positive reviews of this one available at Madame Deals. I love that it comes in so many pretty colors. Having said that, it is more than twice the price of this one offered by my beloved KnitPicks. Both measure in ounces and grams. Both have a significantly sized top tray, large enough to accommodate a big squishy skein.

Yarn Scale by KnitPicks

Here’s a little something I’ve wanted for a while because it appeals to the knitter and the decorator in me. How pretty would one of these look on my coffee table?

Pretty little props are important to me as a knitter. Here are some bite-size delights over on Etsy. Aren’t they good enough to eat?

Wychwood DreamsThis little bobble takes the cake, however…a knitter’s abacus! I like to think of it as a rosary for knitters :)

A couple of years ago, I got pretty fascinated with lace knitting, and I’m about to have a relapse into that particular addiction. I have always wanted a set of these. Just about the time the lace shawl hits the tepid Eucalan bath I think to myself “Why didn’t I get myself a set of those wires?” That’s me…day late and a dollar short.


The biggest shebang for me, however, would be a winding station. I know, I know…just use the one at the yarn shop. But still….Who can resist that faint but tantalizing squeaking sound as the swift turns round and round? Who wouldn’t love those perfectly wound, symmetrical balls of yarn to work from? I might buy more yarn just so I could play with this!

Swift by KnitPicks

psst…Santa, can you hear me?



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